How To Look After Your PC

Computers are a great innovation in technology. Since they hit the homes in the early 80’s they have constantly improved in power and use. Today’s computers are so complex you need a laptop repair London team to fix your pc, if you don’t know what you are doing. Today we are going through some easy fixes to common PC problems, so you won’t have to call laptop repair London teams!

Routers and Wi-Fi

Your home router and Wi-Fi setup are crucial to your enjoyment of the internet. Understanding routers, modems and the other hardware that drives and maintains your internet connection seems daunting. There are a few basic tricks you can learn to fix the common issues you might have with your home Wi-Fi system.

A router which needs resetting often, check it isn’t overheating or being flooded with traffic. If your Wi-Fi range or speed is pretty terrible, try to move it away from any interference. Interference comes from other wireless devices such as landline phones and microwaves!

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Learning about your router should be taken seriously if you use the internet to make a living. Most problems can be fixed with a simple google search, or if the internet it out, try reading the manual!

Keep Your Pc Clean

As a system gets older, old files and broken links create a bottleneck for your computer processor. Plus the fact that a lot of new computers and laptops come pre-installed with loads of programs you are never going to use! Do a simple google search and find out what you shouldn’t delete, but get rid of everything else.

This should be done twice a year; your computer will thank you. Also consider opening the computer up and cleaning out the dust that can clog fans and heat sinks. If too much dust builds up in a computer, fires can break out and destroy your machine. This should also be done twice a year and only takes 10 minutes to do!