How far Should Your Wood Furnace be from Your House?

The nights are getting cooler, so it’s become the perfect time of year to finally get that wood furnace. However, when you are living in Escanaba, MI and you want a wood furnace, how far from your house should your escanaba mi outdoor wood furnace be placed?

The truth is that there are a variety of considerations that you must think about. First of all, you should be aware that typically a wood furnace should be placed a minimum of 30 feet to as much as 500 feet from your home. When you place it too close to the house, you can increase the nuisance of smoke as well as risk of the house catching on fire and risks to the health of your friends and family inside. However, placing it close to the house does allow you to heat your home directly instead of having to pipe in hot water. This will result in an improvement in emissions and combustion efficiency.

Of course, ultimately how far you place the wood furnace from your home will depend upon the recommendations from the manufacturer and the size of your unit. You must understand that each manufacturer has their own recommendations for each one of their models.

In addition, local zoning rules/regulations will dictate the minimum distance that the outdoor wood stove must be placed from your home. In order to reduce the likelihood of having to pay fines or other legal issues, you must comply with the zoning laws in your area. The other problem is that some areas have banned outdoor wood furnaces because of the concern of air pollution.

escanaba mi outdoor wood furnace

Of course, by placing it closer to your home, you have less pipe to worry about, which decreases your installation costs. A furnace that is away from the home will be much more smoky and will burn less efficiently. Keep in mind that you do also need to think about the smoke drifting over to your neighbors and the highways.

Of course, when you have an Escanaba mi outdoor wood furnace, you are going to need to start by consulting the installation manual from your manufacturer. Then, you must think about factors such as location of other buildings, convenience, and cost.