How To Tell If A Guy Is Cheating By Using Instagram

In the beginning of the relationship, you’re both setting the groundwork for what the rest of the relationship will be like. If you’re both open and agree to start seeing each other exclusively, your relationship will probably have smooth sailing. But if he says he doesn’t want a relationship, but continues to string you along, this will be a rough ride that could lead to you finding out you aren’t the only one being stringed along.

view private instagram

Social media is the best way to cheat in the modern age. Your guy might say he doesn’t have an Instagram account, but make sure you search for accounts connected to his name, number and e-mail address. You might find that he uses it to chat up other girls. In the case that his instagram account is private, you can view private instagram accounts by using online services.

If your boyfriend does have an instagram account and you are following it, make sure to monitor him closely. He might not be posting any pictures of him with other girls, but that doesn’t mean he’s being faithful. Classic signs of an unfaithful guy on instagram are if he doesn’t post any pictures of you and he untags himself of the pictures you post of him. If you see other girls commenting on his pictures often, you’re pretty much guaranteed that he’s being unfaithful to you. Remember to check what he likes by visiting the tab called ‘followers’ in your likes section. This tab allows you to see when he follows, likes or comments on pictures. If he’s private, use the service to view private instagram accounts.

Many guys don’t know about this feature and you could use it to catch him red-handed. Be sure to take screenshots since he may start to delete the evidence if he realizes that you’re on to him.